Harry had just thrown a water bottle at Cal and HIT HIM.

annautt: @Harry_Styles blessing the peasants of Atlanta

☺️☺️. Missed you too 💕💕 -C

Aw missed you too!

Hey babe saw your post needing encouragement and I just wanted to tell you that you can get through it and in the long run it'll be all worth it so keep your head up high xx

Thank you soooooo much! I honestly keep almost falling asleep so this is a long day.

I need encouragement to get through classes/work today.


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I just found out that one of my guys Friends that I have a crush on has a gf... Plus he's moving out of the school we're in. I don't know what I was thinking in the first place. I always knew nothing would ever happen between us. Not even the slightest bit. I'm not good enough for him. I'm not his "type". I'm so ugly and fat. I'll never know how it feels like to be loved by a guy. Maybe till I lose 10 lbs or something. But y can't anyone like me for me?

Sweetie you don’t need to lose weight for someone to like you. Listen to me, if a guy doesn’t like you for you currently he’s not worth it. A guy should love you for you. You are beautiful! Don’t be so hard on yourself. Mr. Right is out there and he will love you unconditionally.

Hey I sent you a message about my blog, don't want to annoy you or anything its just been a while and I was wondering if you'd check it out? j x

Hey hun I checked it out, it’s cute, but you need to add a picture! ☺️

Hey 😌 missed me? Lol -C

Awww hi!! Yes ☺️

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Charlotte, North Carolina - September 28, 2014